Fashion #7: Monochrome & red details

(means hi in Korean)

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Lifestyle #3: What's in my iPhone

Anneyong ^-^ 

Hi there! 

Enfiiiiin ! Oui je sais vous l'avez tous pensé. Pas d'excuses, je suis impardonnable. Cependant, promis, je reviendrai très vite et je serai plus consciencieuse à l'avenir (et oui, je suis de retour en cours, j'aurais donc plus de temps ! ;)) 
Okay, I have no excuses but let me just tell you that I do feel terrible. I was so bad at updating this summer! Well, I'm back to school so I'll have quite some time ahead of me to give you news on a regular basis :)

Sur ce, voici un petit panorama de mon mois d'absence, enjoy !
Without further ado, here are some of the pictures that were taken while I was away from you guys!