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2018 in 18 travel pictures 📸✈️

I've been thinking about doing this post for a while now (actually two or three years ago!) but I always got busy around Christmas and New year's so I never really got around to it. 

2018 was a really tough year for me, I had a lot, a lot going on personally but I was looking over my pictures a few days ago and realized 2018 was also a year went I went to a lot of new, cool places! 

Find below my 18 favourite travel pictures of 2018! 

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - March 2018

I went to Amsterdam last March to meet two of my very good friends from my exchange student time in Korea. It was the first time I went to Netherlands and even though it was freezing, I found the city beautiful! 
Obviously Amsterdam made it to my top 18 travel picture of the year ☺️

2. 3. 4. 5. Algarve, Portugal - March 2018

Guess March was a very intense month travel-wise for me in 2018 😉 
Since it had been a while that Carlo and I hadn't taken a holiday, we planned a road trip to the south of Portugal. 
Drove from Lisbon to Lagos and around Algarve then back up, going along Costa Vicentina
The weather wasn't that warm but I found Portugal to be amazingly beautiful (how stunning are the Benagil Caves ?!), which is why no less than 4 pictures made it to this article!

6. La Mana, France - April 2018

Okay, I cheated a bit. Technically, this one cannot really count as travel since it was actually taken in my countryside house but how cool was that sunset? 
One of the prettiest I had in 2018!

7. Bern, Switzerland - May 2018

Decided to travel to new places and Switzerland and went to Bern in May. 
We just spent an afternoon there but the weather was really nice and the town was beautiful. 
It was a bit disrupted by happy football supporters as the Bern team had just won the national league (I think?), so it was a bit crazy. 
We had ice cream and watched bears, which the town is famous for. 
I'm quite fond of the light in this picture and how pretty is the colour of the river? 

8. Daejon, South Korea - August 2018

2018 was also pretty cool because I went back to Korea after 3 years. 
It was also a really special time as I was reunited with my sister and got to meet my cool brother-in-law and cutest nephew 
Enjoyed quality time with my loved ones and gorged on delicious Korean food. 
I really, really love the atmosphere of this pictures and the few others I have from that time. Here was the traditional market just behind my sister's neighborhood!

9. Seoul, South Korea - August 2018

Made a quick stop back to Seoul and headed straight to Myeongdong. 
There's just something I love about this picture, I guess I tried to capture the atmosphere of Seoul? 

10. 11. Mabul Island, Malaysia - August 2018

After Korea, I made my way to Malaysia and spent a few days on a small, white-sand beach, diving island. 
Apart from the colorful fishes and the amazingly clear water, what fascinated me the most was actually the Sea Gypsies. They actually have no legal existence and spend their whole lives on boats or over water. 
Really love the golden-hour light on the last picture!

12. Kinabatangan River, Malaysia - August 2018

I just had to include a monkey picture 🐒
One of the highlight of our Malaysian trip and of my was seeing a lot of monkeys along the Kinabatangan river. 
We saw a lot of proboscis monkeys, macaques and even orang-utans! 
This one is my favourite as we were quite close to the macaque and you can even spot the morning dew on the monkey's fur, how amazing is that? (Thank god for 500mm lenses)

13. Langkawi, Malaysia - August 2018

This villa was a bit (OK a huge) splurge. But as I get older, I find that travelling can get quite tiring as you want to visit and do as much as you can in your limited holiday time. 
We just spent the days relaxing by the pool, reading and drinking cocktails and it was amazing. 
In my head, I just caption this picture as "doors to paradise", cheesy but rings true doesn't it? 
Took about 25.000 pictures of this place!

14. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - September 2018

 I didn't have any expectations whatsoever for Kuala Lumpur and well, the stay in Langkawi spoiled me but damn, this sunset was lit! Petronas Towers on 🔥🔥🔥 made it into 2018 favourites!

15. 16.  Berlin, Germany - Septembre 2018

I had been wanting to go to Berlin for quite a while now and decided to visit friends in Septembre. What strike me the most for this travel was the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. 
Just watching those pictures again is giving me goosebumps. 

17. Fronalpstock, Switzerland - October 2018

"One of the coolest view of Switzerland", that's what Carlo said when we took in this amazing view, and well, he's Swiss and he's from St. Moritz so that says something. 
Definitely earned its place in my top 2018 travel pictures. 

18. Zurich, Switzerland - December 2018

OK, I just had to include a portrait picture in this article 😅
and I'm a sucker from pretty lights, especially around Christmas time! 
It was taken during the Illuminarium festival and the atmosphere is really special. 

That's it for the article! 
Selecting and watching these pictures again really made me appreciate the past year, especially since I had been having such a hard time. 

Hope this article helps to remind everyone that "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only ones remember to turn on the light" 

See you soon,


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