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5 things to do during a week-end trip in Praha 🕍🍺

Prague, Tchéquie

Last year in November I went on a weekend-trip to Praha, Czech Republic with my best friends. We were looking for a European capital that wasn't too far or too expensive and we decided to travel to Praha. It did not disappoint 😊

What I liked most about the town was the atmosphere and the architecture, there was not two buildings that looked the same! I also enjoyed the food and beer, but you definitely have to like pork because there is a lot of it. 

There are a few things that I enjoyed doing that week-end that I would recommend doing if you are on a two or three day trip in Praha: 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures and the places I enjoyed from the trip 

5 things to do during a week-end trip in Praha 📷📍

1. Enjoy the view from the Powder Tower

I'm a sucker for a viewpoint so I really pestered my friends to check this place out. To be honest, I was happy I did, despite the cloudy weather: there is something about the mix of the different roofs and churches that I find really cool (the main picture for the article was taken there 😉)! 

2. Do a free walking tour

It was the first time that I did a free-walking tour and I think this is the coolest concept: someone knowledgeable about the town takes you on a 2-hour (or more) tour about the town and depending on how much you liked the guide and the tour, you're free to give as much money (or as little) as you want!

My friend suggested it as she did it before and we learned a lot about the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter (there are other Praha walking tours that you can do). 
As she pointed out, it's nicer / better than to "just walk around" and well... know nothing about the places and the history of the town. The guides can also warn you about tourist traps and scams and they can tall you about cool bars/restaurants to try, which is an added bonus 🍻👅

Fun fact: I mentioned before there are no two identical buildings in Praha and I learned why in the tour. They were accustomed to destroy one specific building and replace it with a new one, in a different style since there were not enough space in town. Also, they kind of did the same with entire neighborhood (the Jewish Quarter), how crazy is that? 

3. Cross over the Charles Bridge

To be honest, we kind of just "walked around" Charles Bridge and I took quite a few nice pictures (hell creepy seagulls). There is also a really nice view on the Praha Castle! 

It was quite touristy so be prepared. 

4. Check out the National Museum

I'm not usually a big fan of museum but I had some alone-time on the first day and it was close to the hotel but it was quite a nice surprise. 

First of all, it's was for free! And the building in itself is a wonder, that was what I took the most pictures of! 
There was at least two exhibitions that I really liked but I have to say I'm not sure they are permanent. The one that struck me the most was in the tunnel that is linked to the new building of the museum. It was a long series of screen playing the same videos about Czech history, one after the other. I was mesmerized and spent quite a while there. 

You can also pay a little to go all the way up the dome but when I went there, it was already night time so I could not see a lot. Also, it's a fully-glassed view so it's not that good for pictures (conclusion: you can definitely skip that part). 

5. Enjoy a beer-tasting tour

Praha is also well-known for its beer! They have various type of beers that are brewed around the regions. Since my friends and I are fans of beer, we had booked at beer-tasting tour on AirBnb and we really liked it! I think it's a great way to discover new places and learn new things. 
Though it was not our case, it's also a great way to meet new people when travelling 😊
Enjoyed various beers and learned a lot about it, so I would definitely recommend trying this out! 

Where to stay in Praha 🏨

We stayed at the MeetMe23 and everyone was happy with our choice.  
The location is quite good (it's quite close to the National Museum) since almost everything is at a walking distance (15-20 minutes). 
We really enjoyed the decor (yes it is part of the experience for me and my friends!) and the breakfast was good. I also had lunch at their restaurant spot and it was tasty 😊

Where to eat & drink in Praha 🍖🍺

Here are a few spots we tried that we enjoyed and that I bookmarked: 



Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article 😀



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